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You would like to know what’s happening on the streets of Mosul? Tune in to START FM. There are plenty of ways how you can listen to us!


START FM launched a brand-new series for young people in Mosul this summer that has already captured thousands of new listeners. The show is called Shabab Start, which translates as youth start, and is exactly that: a hub for Mosul’s youth to listen, learn, exchange views and be inspired. Shabab Start’s roaming freelance/refugee journalist reports […]


START FM staff recently conducted a 6-day workshop for participants aged 15 and over in Debaga camp. The radio workshop was conducted by START FM – Media in Cooperation and Transition’s frontline radio project broadcasting about Mosul, Iraq – in collaboration with Goethe Institut Irak. Radio expert Martin Gerner introduced 12 teenage participants aged between […]


START FM is a new radio programme for people from Mosul. Find out more about our team and our mission here.


START FM is broadcasting every day: Music, features and reliable information. Learn more about our programme and how to listen to it!